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博乐彩票下载 Skin Care
Skin is the largest organ of the body, and also one of the most important. It is the body’s main line of defense to the outside world and as such is continually exposed to the outside elements of the world. While many take the skin for granted, compared to other organs in the body, it is actually quite complex and sophisticated. Caring for the skin is essential in maintaining overall skin health. Vantage offers a broad range of products to aide in the caring of skin; from the building blocks of a formulation such as emulsifiers and emollients, to more sophisticated ingredients that help protect, moisturize and restore the skin’s overall appearance and function.

Sun Care
It is well known that sun exposure plays a role in the aging of skin. Today, sun protection is no longer confined to the use of a sun filter product. Many skin care and color cosmetics offer some type of sun protection.

Vantage provides ingredients that help improve skin feel, relieve symptoms of damaged skin (improving moisturization), provide water-resistancy, or improve solubility of traditional sunscreens.

Color Cosmetics
Color Cosmetic products have changed dramatically over the past two decades. Many Color Cosmetic products today need to provide high performance and supreme aesthetics. To accomplish this, many formulators need to marry function with innovation. At Vantage, we offer a myriad of ingredients to accomplish that goal. We provide materials play a basic function within a make-up formulation, such as secondary binders, to raw materials that improve skin softness and silkiness, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and provide lasting shine.

Hair Care
Hair is a keratinous structure arising from follicles located in the dermis of the scalp. While the follicle is part of the living dermis, the hair shaft, once visible at the surface, is not. In contrast to the skin, there are few if any endogenous repair processes occurring in the hair shaft or on the surface. Since it is fully exposed to the external world and has little ability to protect itself, caring for hair is quite crucial in helping to maintain its healthy appearance.

Vantage offers products from formulation building blocks, to materials that help condition, replenish and enhance the aesthetics of the hair and also the scalp.

Green and Natural

Being Green is at our core. Through collaborations with our customers, partners, principals, and employees, we are striving to develop innovative green raw materials while establishing new and improved green and sustainable practices across all of our business units, reducing our long-term environmental impact.

Green and Natural products have been gaining popularity and will continue to do so for many years to come. At Vantage, we are keenly focused on the continual development of new Green and Natural ingredients.

Vantage Specialty Ingredients

A global raw material ingredient provider for the?personal care?industry.

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