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Vantage Oleochemicals is North America’s most trusted supplier of Oleochemicals.?They manufacture products that are derived from natural raw materials; fatty acids and glycerine, all of which are used in everyday applications.?Vantage Olechemicals?continue to service many key markets including, fabric care, paper chemicals, rubber processing, metal stearates, food and beverages, tobacco, cosmetics and toiletries, to name a few.

The Vantage Oleochemicals brands continue to be recognized as a benchmark for quality and value. Their strategy is simple, to be the best supplier to our customers long-term by being a powerful resource in product development and manufacturing operations.

For more information,?visit the?Vantage Oleochemicals?website.


Vantage Specialty Chemicals

Vantage Specialty Ingredients

A global raw material ingredient provider for the?personal care?industry.

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