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博乐彩票下载 Providing an experience is fundamental to the success of a product in personal care. Igniting the senses through the textures that a cosmetic product can provide plays an integral role in the success of a formulation. Not only do textures provide a sensorial experience for the consumer, they also provide a subconscious link to product performance. Capturing these effects within a formulation can win a consumer over at the first touch. This occurrence can only be accomplished through sensorial appeal and use of texture.

At Vantage, we have developed a new platform that is focused solely on Texture, showcasing both raw materials and finished formulations that mimic a collection of real world elements such as Silk, Cotton, Moss, Sand, Rock, and Glass. Each one of these elemental categories represents a unique and beneficial sensorial experience. The ingredients featured in this platform influence the texture of the formula in a distinctive and innovative way. Explore our textures and discover a universe of solutions.

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Vantage Specialty Ingredients

A global raw material ingredient provider for the?personal care?industry.

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